3 Ways To Succeed As A Blogger

With a year or so under my belt with this second iteration of my blog, I feel like I have enough knowledge and experience to share with others. For nearly 11 years now I have been writing, editing, and creating a space dedicated to sharing my style and life. During these years I’ve learned what has worked, what will fail, and how you can do your best to stand out in a very saturated crowd. Want to tap into some of the tips that can boost your blog and you as a blogger? Keep reading!Many people have no idea what it takes to be blogger, especially not with the mainstream girls running in six inch heels at Fashion Week and garnering deals from top brands. While a lot of us aspire to be right where they are, it takes more than a pretty outfit to crack the ceiling. Where I failed with my last blog was certainly my lack of self-promotion. Though I have a background in publicity I found it difficult to let people know what I was doing. Umm…

The Hautemommie - Keeping An Element of Chic in Everything

How Would Anyone See It?

That was something I quickly got over as I dove into The Hautemommie. Each day I search public relations firms, brands, and or people who I would like to partner with. The first tip to being a great blogger is…telling people you have a blog.

I. Introduce Yourself and Your Work:

In an introduction email, something short and sweet I inform my researched brands, publicists, and companies about my blog and what I do. My letter typically looks something like this:

After this quick note I either offer to send my media kit as a next step or I simply close it out with saying I look forward working in the future. I don’t always want to initiate a partnership before building a relationship this truly depends on the brand. Overall my goal is simply to place my blog on their radar. Because the field is saturated you can’t be intimidated to start your blog, you have to just take the plunge. However you cannot expect that people will just “discover” it. Forcing people to make their way to it is how they get there. What they find when they arrive is how they stay and return.

The Hautemommie - Keeping An Element of Chic in Everything

II. Quality Imagery

You have heard it said time and time again – quality images are necessary for a blog’s success. However, I’m going to be the devil’s advocate and say it isn’t just the photo quality that matters but its creative direction as well. Frankly, my pictures look great because I’ve been able to invest in a photographer who does well at shooting. Where I think I can grow is artistically. There are blogs that have blossomed tremendously in the same amount of time I’ve been around and it isn’t because they write better or have amazing content it’s because their pictures are more than just good.

The Hautemommie - Keeping An Element of Chic in EverythingThe Hautemommie - Keeping An Element of Chic in Everything

You can see here that my outfit is styled well, accessorized just so but I think the bottom photo says a little more than the top one to be honest. While they both are great pictures there’s more artistry to the bottom one. If I’m being honest I’d like all my pictures to look like the bottom option. My point is make your sure your pictures aren’t just beautiful but that they’re saying something. It can be hard to figure out but once to determine an aesthetic you’ll start to see how much more your audience enjoys the show.

The Hautemommie - Keeping An Element of Chic in Everything

III: Have A Purpose

In every post I write it must refer back to my underlying purpose, mission, or tagline for The Hautemommie. That is, keeping an element of chic in everything. This helps me stay on task with what I’m writing whether it be about style, motherhood, travel, or life. As long as I can marry it to that ultimate goal in what The Hautemommie seeks to provide then I’m staying true to my voice. Everyone discusses being authentic in this industry and often you can be left wondering what that really means? Especially when there are 2.1 million blogs going live a day – is anyone really original? The answer is no. Nothing you’re writing has likely been untouched but what is true is that is hasn’t been said the way you say it. THAT my friends is authenticity. When you start your blog don’t start because “everyone has a blog I can do it too,” that’s the quickest way to fail. My efforts is making this blog was to show the life and style of a Black mother. Something we don’t often see celebrated. It’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

The Hautemommie - Keeping An Element of Chic in Everything

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After reading this you should be able to take away some tangible ways to elevate yourself as a blogger. Even if you don’t blog full time, don’t treat your side hustle like a side chick.

Let me know if there’s more questions I will do my best to help!


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