The One Thing You Need To Make Natural Hair Work

Some of the most frequent questions I get when I’m out and about are about my hair. About its shape, the color, or how I maintain the texture and curl pattern. I can dole out suggestions for products and styling aids but the one thing that truly matters is this; how you take care of your hair. No matter how great the shampoo or the co-wash if you don’t give your hair the attention it needs, products won’t matter. But follow my one magic tip, and your hair will thank you. 

I call my road to natural hair a journey. I’ve had one kiddy perm at 8 that inevitably ruined my hair and then basically I was winging it with afro puffs and home presses until I was 25 I. I had no idea about what my hair needed to be strong, beautiful, or how to wear it in its curly state. For the past 7 years I’ve focused on what my crown needs to flourish and this is what I’ve learned.
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I Learned What Makes My Curls Tick.

Heading down the YouTube tutorial wormhole will have your cabinets stuffed with organic, farmer’s market fresh, grown by a mountain grandma, Shea butter and gallons of coconut oil all the while your hair is suffering. It’s not to say that there isn’t some good in them but something important to remember about hair is that what works for one, may not work for all. I have no problem giving product suggestions but I always preface my advice with learn your hair first. I learned early in my journey that heavier products like the aforementioned weren’t for me. They left my hair feeling like hay and screaming for water.
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In learning what worked for my hair it helped me to make better choices about which products worked best for me. I noticed then that my coils react better when they’ve been given water at least every other day. Be that a full co-wash or a simple steam – hydration is my friend. Based on figuring out whether or not I needed oils or water, how often I should wash, or what kept my curls moisturized. Once you determine the tricks to your hair it becomes easier in knowing what you need to succeed. This will aid in growth, maintenance, and styling.

While having a beautician is awesome because they can certainly treat your hair how you may not be able to. But you need to be able to handle the job in the interim. One of the main reasons I decided to embrace my natural texture was because I got tired of only feeling beautiful after leaving the stylist chair. It was a choice that made me see myself differently and I’m so glad. Some people think wearing your hair naturally is only meant for certain hair textures however I don’t ascribe to that train of thought and neither should you.

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If you’ve ever wondered why your hair isn’t turning out quite how you wanted it to. It could be because you’ve been using everyone else’s tricks and not mastering some of your own. Learning your hair is the key to wearing your hair natural. That’s the beginning of the journey.

Have more questions about natural hair, feel free to ask in the comments I’m here to help!



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