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On Monday night I took part in another dynamic #blkcreatives Twitter chat. I try to catch them as often as I can because you never know what gems people will drop during the hour. Yesterday’s chat was all about the path to creating opportunities.

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As I answered questions rapidly fired off via the @blkcreatives twitter account I found myself inspired, motivated, and full of desire to share my own story in a little more detail. Sometimes we forget that talking about our road to better places can be helpful to others even if some of it was painful or IS painful for us.

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People often address God in their prayers like a genie or look to the universe to give them a divine free pass to “GO” to collect $200. Not recognizing that FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD. Meaning God, the universe, or whoever you’re looking to for help is not going to send you deliverance for nothing. Sometimes we are so busy waiting on the road map to freedom that we overlook the clues to get there in the midst of the storm. When I was unemployed, broke, and crying daily, because I felt like God wasn’t answering my prayers – I shifted my thinking. I stopped asking God for opportunity and started asking Him to prepare me for when it arrived. Because opportunity WILL COME – but will you be ready?
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And you’ve asked, “But Hautemommie, how? How do I get ready?”

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[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”] I stopped asking God for opportunity and started asking Him to prepare me for when it arrived. [/tweet_box]

There are so many elements to getting out of a rut and getting to where you want to be. Starting by learning who you are. Do you have dreams of being successful and goals of wanting to run your own business? Is that your true goal or have you seen it look good on someone else? That’s what’s authenticity is all about. That buzz word is big on the internets these days, yet I find that people don’t truly understand what it means. Being authentic isn’t just about producing original content online, or having an idea no one has heard of. Authentic means sharing a message in a way that is true to you. Success begins with knowing who you are.

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[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]Authentic means sharing a message in a way that is true to you.[/tweet_box]

During the chat a phrase came to me – #ThePathToPoppin. Being authentically you is a major key on #ThePathToPoppin. It is where you can start to blossom in what it is you are here to do. It’s when all the parts of who you are come together to help you build what you do. Let me tell you #ThePathToPoppin for me wasn’t easy. It came with tears, sadness, and trying to figure out what God gave me to work with. I had to stop longing for the wins of others and start focusing on collecting my own trophies.

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#ThePathToPoppin involves being okay going unseen, not praised, or recognized for doing work. It was the great Weezy F. Baby who said “real G’s move in silence like lasagna.”  Okay I’ll be for real that wasn’t Confucius type wisdom but we all got the point. Which is – don’t long for everything you do to be praised. Or even noticed for that matter. The road to success is built on silent wins. The first time you hear about someone isn’t the beginning of the work they’ve been doing, remember that. You’re only hearing about it because it was finally good enough to cut through the clutter. AND THAT’S OKAY. Like I said during the chat – “Invisibility allows you to grow & move silently. It’s when everyone sees your process that they judge. Go unseen. Then emerge.”

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I spent a long time wanting people to see my work and be excited about it. What I wasn’t understanding was that the lack of eyes on me was not indicative of uselessness, rather it was God giving me the chance to get it all together. Now that visibility is coming I’m content knowing that I was a work in progress, but the time has come when the curtain can be drawn back to show what’s behind making magic happen.

#ThePathToPoppin is going to be more than this one blog post, I want to use it as a way for us all to see what it took for our favorites to get to where they are. None of us started out being on top. #ThePathToPoppin is your story. And everyone’s path is ordered as it should be. Whether it’s a hair journey or career goals we each must begin somewhere, that’s the first step to killing the game.


[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]#ThePathToPoppin is your story. And everyone’s path is ordered as it should be. [/tweet_box]

Tell me about #ThePathToPoppin you’re on or share someone whose path you admire; tweet me! leave a comment! Snap ya girl! – I’d love to hear about it.

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